I’m a noble, ancient Middle Eastern breed that’s a study in contradictions. Quiet, reserved, and even shy, I’ll run at blinding speed in open space. My original function was tracking rabbits and gazelles! I’m loyal to family but not big on affection. Rowdy play isn’t my thing; I’ll be gentle with well-behaved children but usually steer clear of other dogs.

Despite my low-key nature and social restraint, I dislike being left alone; apartment living isn’t for me. A long leashed walk or run every day will give me some needed exercise, but I prefer to let loose and sprint in an enclosed area. I will chase small animals and may play deaf when you call me. I’m very independent-minded, and training requires patience and a firm yet positive approach. Early and lifelong socialization can reduce shyness.

I stand 23 to 28 inches tall with a wide weight range of 35 to 70 pounds. My short, silky coat may be cream, fawn, golden, black and tan, grizzle (mixed colors) and tan, or tricolor (white, black, and tan), I don’t shed much and have very little or even no dog odor. Brush me weekly to remove dead hair, and comb the leg and tail feathers to avoid tangles.

Perhaps my calm nature and love of exercise contributes to robust health. The only serious area of concern is potential cardiomyopathy. I’m a picky eater and can naturally appear quite thin; a soft bed will help prevent callouses. With proper care I’ll be a calming presence in the home for about 12 to 14 years.