Scottish Deerhound

People who see my tall frame and dignified carriage might think I’m domineering, but I’m actually a very mellow and friendly old soul. I’m good with children but need time to warm to strangers and may see small pets as prey. I’m brave, alert, and perceptive, though a little too chill to make a good watchdog.

New dog owners usually do well with me, although training can be difficult because my low-key demeanor can extend into laziness. Even house-training will require extra time and patience. Polite and well-mannered, I can adapt to apartment living but do need room to stretch along with soft bedding to avoid callouses. My energy level perks up outdoors; I love to run, but a long walk or active play session will meet my daily exercise needs. I do make a good jogging buddy.

Beneath my harsh, wiry main coat is a lithe, athletic hound’s body standing 28 to 32 inches tall and weighing 75 to 110 pounds (females are smaller). My coloring is usually dark blue-gray but may be dark gray, brindle, light gray, red fawn, or yellow. Dogs in more temperate climates may have a more silky feel to their coats. Brushing once or twice a week will manage shedding, and please check my ears regularly for signs of infection.

I’m a fairly healthy breed but like most large dogs am relatively short-lived at 8 to 11 years. Primary areas of concern for health include gastric bloat and bone cancer, with lesser risk of cardiomyopathy.