Spinone Italiano

Take one look at my mustachioed face and you will know I’m a character! Also known as the Italian Griffon, I’m a skilled pointer and retriever, and I’m seen as an all-purpose hunting dog in my native country. At home I’m a gentle clown who’s devoted to family and generally friendly to all. I love kids and am very patient with them.

As a sporting dog, I require regular exercise when not actively hunting. A long walk or a run in an enclosed area will suit me well; I’m not a highly active breed. I can jump quite high, so check your fences! I can sometimes be timid with strangers; early socialization will help. When training, let me know you’re the master or I may stubbornly ignore you.

I’m a beefy medium-sized dog built for long days on the hunt, weighing 62 to 82 pounds and standing 22 to 27 inches tall. My wiry coat is fairly easy to care for; a weekly brushing and occasional stripping of dead hairs will do the job. You may want to wash my mustache after meals to avoid staining—and I do slobber. My coloring may be solid white, white with orange or brown, and orange or brown roan (ticking) with or without similar-colored markings.

Descended from ancient stock, I’m fairly robust and will be napping at the family hearth for 12 to 14 years. Hip dysplasia is a major health issue to watch for, with eye problems and gastric bloat being less serious concerns. Cerebral ataxis (loss of balance) may occasionally develop.