If you’re working on the ranch all day and want a unique canine companion, look no further! I’m a Hungarian pointer deeply devoted to family—I’ll stick closer than your shadow on a hike or in the kitchen. I also make a gentle and sensitive therapy dog. I’m generally quite playful and affectionate, and patient with kids, though I can be protective around strangers.

But I am a bit quirky. Without near constant human contact or mental activity, I can become destructive—and I often whine, moan, and growl my opinions. I might be timid or overly excitable, and I’m always stubborn.

Clearly I’m not well suited for new dog owners or apartments, but with the right match I’m very eager to please. I like having a job and am quite intelligent and fairly easy to train. My keen senses are often put to use, and I can work in search-and-rescue, drug detection, and as a guide dog. I need at least an hour of vigorous daily exercise if I’m not an active hunter.

I have a strikingly muscular, athletic frame in solid shades of golden rust. I don’t have dog odor and my short, smooth coat is easy to maintain: a quick weekly swipe with a curry brush and a damp cloth will control loose hair and make me shine.

I’m a robust breed with only several potential health issues to monitor: hemophilia A, hip dysplasia, and craniomandibular osteopathy (jawbone disease). If your lifestyle can accommodate mine, I’ll be a loving companion for 10 to 14 years.