West Highland White Terrier

I’m not a toy breed, but my sweet face and adorable expression can make me look like a stuffed animal come to life. I’m happy, cute, and full of myself. Demanding affection from everyone, I’m one of the friendliest terrier breeds. I’m curious and mischievous and will bark often and dig given the chance—a terrier through and through. If bored and lonely, I can create a mess in the house but will be fine with some toys to keep me occupied. I do well in apartments.

I’m bright and quick to learn, and housetraining is easy due to my love of cleanliness. A short leash walk or peppy yard game each day will give me enough exercise. I can put on weight, so think more games and fewer goodies, please.

I’m a small bundle of joy standing 10 to 11 inches tall and weighing 15 to 21 pounds. People expecting my white coat to be teddy bear soft will be surprised that it feels stiff and hard. Shedding is minimal; regular brushing and an occasional trim will control hair and keep me looking my best. Occasional baths and even a moist towel wipe-down will maintain my white sparkle.

With good food and care, I’ll be entertaining the family and making new friends for 12 to 14 years. I do have several health issues to consider, including globoid cell leukodystrophy (nervous system disease), Legg-Perthes joint degeneration, and jawbone problems. Cataracts, kneecap luxation, and inherited copper toxicosis (liver disease) can also occur.