Donating does not always have to involve money. Personal or corporate monetary donations are a huge help to shelters/rescues, but there are many other ways to donate. Every shelter/rescue has numerous needs that are crucial to everyday operations, and it is often tough for them to manage with little funds. We know that each organization and their specific needs vary, so we encourage you to contact your local shelter to find out more about their detailed needs. But here are some ways you could donate…

  • Food and supplies: These organizations are in constant need of pet food and supplies. Bought the wrong pet food or kitty litter? Or maybe you just live near a pet store and can easily stop and get some? Whatever the case, you can always bring food and litter to your local shelter. Maybe you have some gently used supplies that your pet grew out of? This is also something that shelters are always looking for. Leashes, collars, bowls, toys, pet beds, sheets, pillows, and grooming tools are all things that would be a huge help to your local adoption organization.
  • Household items: Remember, these organizations have lots of cleaning and office work to do as well, so they don’t just need pet supplies. If you have any extra household items, they may just be the perfect donation for your local shelter. Many shelters have lists of their current needs, but some of the most common include towels, blankets, cleaning supplies, paper towels, miscellaneous office supplies, and old newspapers. Blankets and comforters are also great, as each pet’s comfort while at the shelter is very important!
  • Services: Another way you can donate to an adoption organization is with your personal services. This could be as simple as using a hobby such as video editing to help them make some new animal postings. Pictures and video not your thing? Maybe you have some experience with construction and the local shelter needs some work done. Stop in and see. Remember when you repainted the kitchen last month and ended up with two extra cans of paint? Maybe your local shelter has a room they need some help refinishing. If you think that there is any unique service you may be able to offer your local shelter, don’t hesitate to call them or drop by to see if it is something they need!
  • Money: If you are strapped for time or don’t have any extra supplies that might be useful, there is always the option of monetary donations if you want to help out. Monetary donations of all sizes are welcome. Donations as small as a dollar or as large as hundreds of dollars all make a difference for shelters and rescues across the nation. Corporate donations are also a great way to help the shelter as well as the company donating. If you own a small business, you may want to try this. If you are not a business owner, maybe you want to talk to your boss about how your company could get involved. In any case, we encourage you to explore whatever options might be available to you.

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