Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does the matching system work?
A: Each one of the questions you answer matches a question that shelter personnel have answered about each animal. Our algorithm—which has been built and tested by experts—assigns number values and weights to each answer in order to find the PERFECT pet for you and your family. Your final matches will be shown by percentage. The higher the percentage of the match, the more likely you are to be a perfect fit for one another.
Q: What if I don’t find a pet I want to adopt in my matches?
A: Once you have made a profile, you can set notifications for new matches. If you haven’t found the perfect pet, MycomPETibility will notify you every time new pets are posted that match your survey results.
Q: Is there any cost involved with creating a profile and using the site?
A: No. Everything on the site is free, and you will enjoy a host of resources as well as the ability to talk to other pet owners and experts directly on the site.
Q: What if I am not looking for a dog or cat?
A: Here at MycomPETibility we want to promote pet adoption of all kinds. The process is slightly less involved depending on the type of pet you are looking to find, but you can search for all types of pets that may be waiting for you at a shelter.
Q: Where can I find advice before and after I adopt?
A: If you have yet to adopt, the adoption and breed info sections are a great place to start. You will find all the information you might need about what to expect and what the tendencies of each breed are. If you have already adopted, our resources section is full of articles, videos, and blog postings to help with your current needs. You may also find it helpful to use the forum to find advice from other adopters similar to yourself. If you don’t see a forum thread that matches your specific need, simply start a new one and see what people have to say.
Q: Do I have to have any contact info on my profile?
A: No. We do require an email address for sign-up so that we can efficiently help you with all of your pet needs, but this will not be shown to other users, and we encourage you to create a unique username so that you give out only as much information as you are comfortable with.
Q: Will I be adopting the pet through MycomPETibility?
A: No. We facilitate the search process to make things easier for you. Each animal is located at a shelter within your designated mile radius, and we will give you all necessary contact information so that you can go meet your new furry friend as soon as possible.
Q: Will I be able to find a match for my FAMILY with the MycomPETibility survey?
A: Yes! The matching system is perfect for families. Our survey will ask you about people and pets that are in your household and what the household atmosphere is like. Simply fill out the rest of the survey from the point of view of the primary caretaker of the new pet, and we’ll find you the perfect match.
Q: Do you have tech support if I am having trouble using the site features?
A: Absolutely! If you are having trouble with anything on the site, please contact us at info@mycompetibility.com and we will help you out.
Q: Can I donate to or help MycomPETibility?
A: We encourage you to donate to your local shelter if you want to lend a hand in the pet world. You can use our shelter locator (link[Author: provide link?]) to find various shelters/rescues in your area. As we grow we hope to build and be involved in various foundations, but we do not have any donation avenues available directly through us yet. As far as employment, we usually post open positions that we are looking to fill, but if you have any specific questions, feel free to contact us at info@mycompetibility.com. The best help you can give MycomPETibility directly is a recommendation. Please spread the word!
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