Get to Know MycomPETibility

The mission of is to efficiently match people with the perfect pet waiting for them at an animal shelter and to generate and sustain a population of responsible and happy pet owners. We do this via our web-based community that is designed to match your lifestyle to the tendencies/habits of a shelter animal and that provides a continued medium of communication and inquiry between pet owners, pet seekers, pet experts, veterinarians, and pet lovers from all walks of life.

MycomPETibility was founded by pet lovers for pet lovers. Our goals will always focus on the love and joy the right pet brings to your life. We aim to create an online resource for people and their pets. Whether you are searching for a pet today or seeking insight and advice from fellow pet lovers and experts, our site is designed to promote responsible and long-lasting pet ownership. Unlike other search engines and pet adoption websites, MycomPETibility offers a unique matching system as well as a hub for continued information search and communication among the pet community. Our algorithm-based matching system uses a combination of statistical analysis of shelter animals as well as weighted personality trait correlations generated by a team of expert behaviorists and trainers. This takes into account specific animal personalities as well as breed tendencies to ensure that proposed pets are in fact true matches. In addition to the matching portal, members are also able to access the vast features that our site offers. MycomPETibility’s various sections provide extensive research tools for pet owners of all experience levels as well as a mix of informative forums and blogs, entertaining contests and games, and real-time access to industry experts.

Here at MycomPETibility we are constantly striving to create an effective user-friendly environment for pet lovers. We are continuously perfecting our matching algorithm based on real-time feedback and expanding the information and other resources we offer. In doing this we hope to ensure that every match we make is successful and that adopters have all the tools and advice necessary to maintain a healthy and loving relationship with their pets. The results are happy people and happy pets!

The human-animal bond is a mutually beneficial and dynamic relationship between people and their pets that is influenced by behaviors that are essential to the health and well-being of both. We at MycomPETibility realize

adopters are eager to find their family’s new addition and know the importance of finding that right match. We also understand that finding the right match can be complicated. In fact, a recent article in the Harvard Business Review compared choosing the right pet to choosing the right career. When buying or adopting a pet, people often underestimate what goes into finding the right fit, which can lead to unhappy pets and unhappy owners. Like people, each animal has a unique personality. While breed tendencies can be useful to know about in some cases, such blanket statements do very little to describe the characteristics and tendencies of any individual animal. With our proven system of matching your personality and lifestyle with that of an animal waiting to be adopted, we will help you find the perfect match. Doing this alone can be a daunting task involving a lot of time and research. Shelter processes can vary greatly—some may take a great deal of time to ensure you find the right match, while others may not have the time or resources to do more than a simple baseline screening. Instead of diving into something this important without any assistance, let us start a happy tail for you and help create you future pet’s fur-ever home!