The Vayo Family and Landis

by admin

This maybe a bit long, but it’s truly a Happy Tail worth telling…

About 18 months ago my son told me about an idea he had to help improve the shelter adoption process, cut down on return rates, and provide pet owners with the resources they need to be successful adopters.

The concept was to start an adoption website designed around an algorithmic matching system much like human matchmaking sites employ. Then add a wealth of resources, content, direct access to expert trainers/vets, links to other animal welfare organizations, etc., etc.

Fast-forward nine months. was under full-scale development and after countless shelter, veterinarian, trainer, and behaviorist meetings, the algorithm was designed and functioning. My son mentioned he was testing the matching results across many shelter pets and adopters. Unbeknownst to me, or my wife, we were part of that live test. He casually asked us to go online and fill out the questionnaire as if we were planning to adopt (we weren’t at the moment, as we have two rescue greyhounds that keep us busy).

Once we took the test apparently he and his older sister (who by then was heavily involved in the marketing the site) decided to run our answers against a few hundred animals they had entered in the system based on background information on shelter sites.

The matches were a bit surprising overall, but the number one match was the most surprising of all! Our highest match was a two-year-old heavily abused/neglected Pitbull mix named Landis from Second Chance Rescue in NYC. To make a long story short, my wife, son, and daughter fell in love with him at first sight. My wife began the adoption process but soon learned Landis was already a “rock star.” His own Facebook page had over 20,000 followers; hundreds of people vying for the chance to adopt him; and he was about 250 miles away from us. Undaunted, my family pushed forward, contacting Second Chance to say how perfect Landis was for our family, etc., etc. After a few weeks of interviews and home visits, and assuring his present caretakers we were ready to give Landis what he needed, we got the word—Landis was a go!!

Fast-forward another nine months. Landis was just what the MycomPETibility algorithm said—A PERFECT MATCH. I never would have believed it and frankly was skeptical along the way. However, Landis fit into our home like we had had him since birth. He became one of the gang instantly, joining in everything Amanda and Emmet (our greyhounds) do, including long walks, hikes, swimming, boating, going to the office, or just sprawling out to watch The Big Bang Theory. And the best news is that Landis has made a full recovery from his trauma.

The pictures from that time show more clearly what I hate to describe. The good news is he’s as strong and capable as any dog now and ready for the next several chapters of his life. Visit/follow him on Instagram at landis2.0 or on Facebook at Project Landis.

Thanks to Second Chance Rescue NYC for all they do! The organization is truly unbelievable and the president, Jennifer Brooks, is a saint. And, of course, thanks to MycomPETibility, which made all of this come together. If you’re not just looking for any pet, but rather THE PERFECT MATCH, check out

—Rick Vayo