Traveling with Your Dog

A lot of dogs love going places with their owners, and bringing them along is often a great part of the adventure! As usual, a little advance planning and consideration can ensure a great trip for both dogs and humans. Here are some things to think about when traveling with your dog:

  • Crating your dog is a good option to keep her safe while traveling in a car, and it’s a must for airline travel. Get her used to being in the crate ahead of time so that she won’t mind it when it comes time to travel. Also, make sure the crate has plenty of ventilation, there are no hazards in with your dog, and that she’s had plenty of exercise and opportunity for bathroom time before she goes in the crate.
  • Bring along your dog’s regular food and treats if you can, to maintain some semblance of her usual routine. Don’t forgot food and water bowls as well.
  • Don’t forget her favorite toys and things to chew on.
  • Remember that parked cars can get very hot in warm weather—think ahead and make sure she will not be left alone in a hot car.
  • Plan ahead and check with the places you will be stopping along the way to ensure they will welcome your canine pal and that there will be places for her to play, go to the bathroom, and so on.
  • Bring along any medications your dog usually takes, and check with your vet about the advisability of medicating your dog to keep her calm during travel.
  • Make sure your dog has proper identification so that if she accidentally wanders away, she can be quickly identified and returned to you. 

Maintain a positive, calm attitude and have fun!