Other Furry – Mice

If you want an adorable teeny pet, I’m a perfect fit for the palm of your hand. The littlest of the small pets, I grow to only 3 inches in length and weigh no more than an ounce, with a long hairless tail. Fancy-breed mice can be larger. With cute dark eyes and a perky nose, I look like a cartoon come to life. However, I’m not a good pet for children under the age of 5. I can easily be hurt or will scoot away and be hard to find in the house. Really, I’m not the best choice if you want close human interaction.

I’m a low-maintenance pet, and my cage should be cleaned weekly, more often for smelly males. My social sisters do well in pairs or small groups, and my brothers can be aggressive and are better raised on their own.

In addition to the classic white, my coat may be a variety of colors and types—even curly! With commercial food, some fruits and vegetables, and a little love, I’ll be a gentle friend for 1 to 3 years.