Rabbit – Flemish Giant

If you ever received an oversized stuffed bunny as a child, I’m that favorite toy come to life. Needless to say, I’m a lot of rabbit to handle! One of the largest domestic breeds, I can be 14 to 20 pounds and 30 inches long—though I don’t reach full size until 18 months of age. I need a large living space, preferably my own room, too, as I eat and produce more waste than an average-size rabbit.

I’m gentle, smart, and good with kids and other pets; think of me like a small family dog. I’m not overly active but do need room to move about. I enjoy outdoor exercise in an enclosure, but please note that heat bothers me.

My coat may be black, blue, gray, sandy, fawn, or white; I have long upright ears; and I require limited grooming. With proper care I’ll be a giant source of companionship for about 5 years.