Rabbit – Giant Angora

One touch, and you’ll understand why people raise me for my luxurious wool, which is softer than cashmere! I have the densest coat of all rabbit breeds, which can be collected through combing, plucking, or periodic shearing. Even if you don’t want to turn my wool into yarn, I do need regular brushing to avoid tangles. A diet rich in hay and plenty of exercise also keeps the wool from blocking my intestines.

If you can handle this extra bit of care, I’ll reward you with a sweet, gentle nature and the softest cuddles imaginable. My coloring may be white, black, blue, or fawn. Beneath my impressive coat I weigh about 9 to 12 pounds—not a hefty as other giant breeds—so I’m quite manageable. I can take over a year to reach full size.

With responsible care I’ll provide love, companionship, and sweater yarn for 7 to 12 years.