Rabbit – Jersey Wooly

My tiny size and dense fur make me a perfect pocket-sized hand warmer on a chilly night. Beneath my thick wooly coat—which is more coarse than soft—I weigh about 3 pounds and have short 3-inch ears. Monthly brushing is all that’s needed to keep my coat looking its best, although some of us require more frequent attention. My coat may be a wide variety of colors.

I’m a very sweet and gentle rabbit with little potential to bite or kick. I’m good with older kids; little ones may inadvertently harm me given my petite size. Like any rabbit I need chew toys to keep my teeth healthy. Regular exercise outside the pen is also necessary, but since I’m so little, please watch where you walk. And I’m sensitive to changes in temperature.

With proper diet and care I’ll be a cozy and warm little friend for 7 to 10 years or more.