Rabbit – Mini Lop

Although some people describe me as a fluffy basketball, I’m even cuter than that! My small 4- to 6-pound body is rounded and thick with a short neck and pudgy face. My floppy ears are shorter and easier to care for than those of larger Lop breeds. My thick, dense coat comes in a variety of solid colors or broken color patterns.

I’m a good-natured, friendly, and playful bunny who loves to learn tricks. Being left alone for long periods makes me sad, so consider getting me a same-sex friend. I like to have fun and cuddle, so I’m a good choice for families—almost like a living teddy bear! I’m also smart enough to be litter-box trained.

As a very healthy breed that requires no special care, I’m a good choice for first-time bunny owners. I should be a happy, loving member of the household for 10 to 14 years.