Rabbit – Netherland Dwarf

Looking for a pet that tops the cuteness rankings but not the scales? Well, look no further! I’m the smallest rabbit breed at about 2 pounds with a compact, round body and short upright ears. My head and eyes are oversized for my body, giving me a cartoonish appearance. If not for my soft, shiny coat—which comes in 32 different color variations—I could be mistaken for a bunny figurine.

Although I do look like a toy, I’m not suitable for children because my diminutive size makes me prone to injury. I’m also skittish and high strung and have a high tendency to nip. I’ll get along fine with a gentle, mature owner who appreciates my somewhat aloof personality.

I am an active rabbit and need daily time to run about. With proper diet and exercise I’ll be a precious little addition to your household for 5 to 6 years.