Rabbit – New Zealand White

Are you looking for a sweet and cuddly pal with beautiful eyes? Then I’m your rabbit. My most distinctive feature is my bright eyes that can range in color from rich pink to purple ruby. I have dense white fur and long, pretty pink ears that stand upright. I’m larger than the common Florida white rabbit, tipping the scales at 9 to 12 pounds. And don’t be fooled by my exotic name—I actually originated in America!

I’m known for having a sweet and gentle temperament—no biting—and will flop contentedly in your arms like a rag doll. I also like to frolic and play and am a good first-time bunny for children. Being so lovable, I can gain weight from treats, so please watch my diet and provide daily exercise.

There’s no need to search far and wide to find a breeder, as I’m a very popular breed who will happily enjoy cuddling with you for 3 to 7 years.