Rabbit – Standard Rex

If you can’t decide between a feline or a canine friend, I’m a great compromise. I have the sharp intelligence and mellow demeanor of a cat but can also learn tricks such as coming when you call my name. Plus, my fine coat has a lush, velvety feel that just asks for petting and cuddling.

I’m a medium-sized, rounded rabbit weighing 7 to 10 pounds with thick upright ears. My coat can be a wide variety of colors, in solids or random patterns. My sweet nature makes me a good choice for families—and I will even use a litter box. I’m not extremely active, but when inspired I’ll jump a few feet into the air.

Rexes are generally a hardy breed but have a shorter life span than other rabbits at 5 to 6 years—or up to 11 years if neutered.