Reptiles – Fish

There’s nothing more relaxing than watching us swim about in our little watery world. In fact, research proves that looking at an aquarium lowers blood pressure and decreases stress. And our carnival colors can turn any frown into a smile!

We’re available in a variety of species, hues, and sizes. Freshwater species are more commonly seen in homes; marine fish need saltwater and tend to be more expensive. Colorful Betta fish can live in a bowl alone with no filter and are a good, small-scale starter choice. Some of the best freshwater fish for beginners are Tetras, Black Mollies, and Swordtails.

Hosting this magical ecosystem does require care and commitment. Water quality must be monitored, glass and decor need cleaning, and the temperature and filter should be just right. Marine fish require additional commitment because you’re creating a salty “ocean.”

While it’s fun to watch us gobble up goodies, overfeeding is the most common cause of an early demise for aquarium fish. Life spans vary, but the diversity, ready availability, and low cost means you’ll always have a vibrant community in your personal Atlantis.