Reptiles – Snakes

Among all the animals, we’re probably high on the love ’em or hate ’em list. For those who are fascinated by our simple beauty, snakes are an ideal easy-care pet. We’re quiet, clean, and odor-free—and you don’t have to deal with fur balls! Pet snakes can be as small as 4 inches long to 5 feet or more; smaller species are better for first-time owners. Corn, Ball, and Milk snakes are good for beginners.

We’re sleepy, solitary types who do best on our own, and we enjoy a hiding place in the cage. Be sure the cage is secure; our agility and strength make for an easy escape! Artificial light and heat are essential to keep us healthy, along with a diet of small live or frozen animals from a pet store.

Having a snake is a commitment, as we can live for 15 to 20 years or more. If I no longer fit into your life, never set me loose outdoors—there is surely someone who will love me. But more likely you’ll enjoy being lifelong pals with such an exotic conversation starter.