Anatolian Shepherd Dog

Are you looking for a large dog to be your loyal guardian and protector? I’m a watchful, hardworking dog who requires responsible owners to manage my power, independence, and territorial instincts. My demeanor is generally calm and reserved. I’m not an overly playful type and am not particularly friendly toward strangers or other dogs. My common role is as a livestock protector, and I can carry this serious-minded task into my family life.

I’m a large specimen, standing 27 to 29 inches tall. As a female, I weigh in between 80 and 120 pounds; as a male, from 110 to 150 pounds. Due to my size, it is best to limit my interaction with small children. My short coat requires minimal care—just a weekly brushing and I’m good to go—though I will require more attention during heavy shedding periods. My most common color is fawn with a black mask, though I can also be pinto, white, or brindle.

With proper diet and exercise I will be a dutiful companion for about 10 to 13 years. Hip dysplasia is a major health risk, and there is a minor risk of entropion, which can lead to corneal ulcers or erosion and impair vision.

I’m not for everyone and not an ideal family dog candidate, but given the right environment and discipline, I’ll give you many years of faithful service and devotion.