Australian Cattle Dog

Originally bred to herd cattle, I’m a take-charge kind of dog who is happiest when given a regular job to perform. If you like to lie about watching old movies with a sleepy pup on your lap, I’m not for you. I’m responsible, obedient, and loyal—with a strong bonding capacity toward the people in my life and a wariness toward outsiders. Being a natural herder, I can nip at children’s heels as they run.

It takes a lot of get-up-and-go to guide groups of animals, so I require a lot of vigorous physical and mental activity every day. A long walk will not be enough to expend my tireless energy; I need a good run, some games, and perhaps lessons to keep me intellectually challenged. Without these I can get into mischief to satisfy my natural curiosity.

At 17 to 19 inches tall and 35 to 45 pounds, I’m small for a herding dog but am sturdy and well built. My primary color is blue, blue-mottled, or blue speckled; and I may or may not have black, blue, or tan markings. I can also be red speckled. My smooth double coat resists rain and needs limited attention. Occasional brushing and periodic baths will keep me in good form.

Despite being a robust breed with a life span of 10 to 13 years, I am susceptible to hip dysplasia, OCD, deafness, and PRA. Occasionally I can develop problems with cataracts, lens luxation, PPM, and vWD.