Many people think I’m as mysterious as my name. Although I’m a hound, some feel I have a terrier’s temperament. Yet I can also be considered cat-like: reserved, clever, and inquisitive. And I have no dog odor. Adding to my quirkiness, I’m barkless—though I do make yodeling, wailing, and shrieking sounds. These do not qualify me to be a guard dog!

I have a stubborn, independent nature and can be trying; like a cat, I’m more concerned with my needs than yours. I can be affectionate when in the mood. I’m aloof toward strangers and less friendly to other dogs or pets. If you appreciate a complex personality and are patient, are consistent, and treat me with kindness, we’ll be a good match.

As a natural hunter, I am inclined to chase things. Without regular exercise and mental activity, I can become destructive out of boredom. A long walk followed by a game—or a brisk run—should be a daily routine.

At 16 to 17 inches tall and 22 to 24 pounds, I’m a medium-sized breed with an alert, fox-like face and curled tail. My smooth, shiny coat may be chestnut, black, brindle, or black and tan, set off by white markings at the chest, feet, and tail. I’m meticulous about keeping clean; an occasional brushing and a few baths a year are all the grooming I need.

Primary health issues for me include Franconi syndrome, PRA, and Basenji enteropathy; minor issues of concern are PPM and PK. On average I live 12 to 14 years.