If you’d like to welcome a boxer into the family, you’re not alone; I’m one of the country’s most popular dog breeds. Outgoing, lively, and devoted to family, I crave affection, especially from children. I revel in my own long childhood, as I’m not fully mature until age 3 and can be a silly clown at times. I’m curious and cautious with strangers, but in time will be a friend to all. My playful exuberance can be contagious!

I’m a large and active dog who needs lots of exercise and mental challenges. Long walks, jogs, and agility courses will fit the bill. Take note that I’m not comfortable in very cold or hot weather. My bearing is sleek and dignified, with a confidence that can result in stubbornness. Strength and bravery make me a favorite for police, guard, and rescue work.

My need for closeness makes me think I’m a lapdog, but I’m a large specimen at 21 to 25 inches tall and 50 to 80 pounds. My fine coat of fawn or brindle with possible white markings needs only weekly brushing. I’m naturally very clean; my muscular sheen can be enhanced with a chamois cloth rubdown.

Major areas of concern for my health include cardiomyopathy, SAS, and hip dysplasia. Gastric bloat, tumors, intervertebral disc degeneration, colitis, and corneal erosion may also occur. I also have a tendency to become overweight. With proper diet, exercise, and care, I’ll be a loyal and loving member of the family for 8 to 10 years.