If you enjoy hunting and would like a hardworking companion close by your side, I’m the spaniel for you. Like any pointer breed, I’m independent and love to scout and hunt. If I spot a bird, everything else becomes unimportant. I’m task oriented and enjoying having a job to do. But I’m also a good house dog who’s very affectionate and friendly—even with strangers.

I can be hyperactive and enthusiastic; it’s best if your temperament and activity level match mine. I’m a good option for new dog owners but might be too exuberant for apartment life. At least an hour of vigorous activity, such as an all-out run, is necessary for me every day. Mental challenges are helpful to satisfy my high intellect. I’m sensitive to a stern look or harsh word; I want to please!

At 17 to 20 inches tall and 30 to 40 pounds, I’m a manageable size. Grooming is fairly easy, with only a weekly brushing needed to control limited shedding. My ears should be checked regularly for infection and field debris. My common coloring is orange and white or liver and white, occasionally with a roan pattern. My coat is flat or wavy with little spaniel feathering.

I’m a happy and hardy breed who lives on average 12 to 13 years. Hip dysplasia is a common health concern, with a lower risk for epilepsy and lipfold pyoderma. Spinal paralysis has been noted but is an infrequent problem.