Brussels Griffon

One look at my face will tell you that I’m a spunky little elf with a lot of character. My bold self-confidence makes up for my small size. Yet I’m also sensitive; I love affection and am friendly with all people and animals. I tend to stick very close to my owner. I’m a good choice for new dog owners, apartment dwellers, and empty nesters. I’m gentle with children, although rowdy kids can make me grouchy.

As a terrier I’m curious and active, and I require physical and mental stimulation every day. This can easily be accomplished with a brisk indoor game or short leash walk. Keep me protected from extreme heat or cold. Be warned that I have a tendency to bark and climb things, and mischief is my middle name. My moody stubbornness can also make housetraining difficult, and I can get bossy.

If I have a rough, wiry coat, it should be combed a few times a week and the dead hairs stripped 4 times a year. If I have a smooth, glossy coat, it only needs occasional brushing. My coloring can be red, belge, black and tan, or solid black. I’m a little one, just 7 or 8 inches tall and weighing 8 to 10 pounds.

I have no major health risks, with only a slight occurrence of patellar luxation, distichiasis, and a weak bladder. With loving care I’ll be entertaining your family for 12 to 15 years.