If you’re in need of an energetic little bundle of joy, here I am: the world’s smallest dog! I’m a favorite toy breed because of intense devotion to my owners. Pop me in a tote bag, and I’ll be a cheery companion during your daily errands. I’m friendly and affectionate but more spunky than cuddly. I can be reserved with strangers but am good with other dogs and pets.

I’m an energetic sort, but running around the house provides ample exercise. Alert, bold, and suspicious, I make a surprisingly good watchdog—more from my bark than any physical protection. I’m a natural for apartment living but hate being left alone. As a Mexico native, I love the hot weather but need a cozy sweater in the cold. When outdoors be aware that my small size enables me to slip away easily; my busy nature can get the best of me.

My coat may be smooth and close or long; either style requires minimal care. Weekly brushing will do the trick. My coloring covers a wide spectrum from solid black, white, fawn, chocolate, gray, or silver to tricolor, brindle, merle, or spotted. My coat colors can be pale to very dark.

At 14 to 18 years on average, I have a long life span but am prone to a number of health issues, including pulmonic stenosis, hydrocephalus, patellar luxation, and KCS. A soft spot called a molera in the skull is common and not a cause for concern.