English Setter

A warm country house with a sprawling yard would be the ideal place for me: I love to run and hunt! Inside I’m a mellow, happy setter who enjoys being with family and is very good with kids. I’m a kind, affectionate companion who is friendly with strangers and other dogs, though I will bark to let you know people are coming.

I’m an energetic, athletic dog. A good hour of vigorous activity—such as a long run or challenging agility course—is necessary every day keep me from being rambunctious inside. Keep me fenced in outdoors, as I do tend to roam. Given my need to run I don’t do well in apartments. I’m fairly easy to train and good for first-time dog owners, though I have a hunter’s independent streak.

I’m a fairly large medium-sized dog at 24 to 25 inches tall and 50 to 65 pounds. My coat is flat with light feathering at the ears, chest, belly, legs, and tail. My coloring can be white with belton markings in black, orange, tan, or liver. To keep my coat in good form, I should be brushed several times a week, with clipping and trimming every 4 to 8 weeks. Check my ears regularly for infection!

Proper care will keep me in the family for 10 to 14 years. Primary health concerns for me include deafness and hip or elbow dysplasia. Less common risks are retinal atrophy and lameness in the joints, along with a low risk for epilepsy.