Entlebucher Mountain Dog

Do you like beagles but wish they had more muscle? I’m a Swiss-bred cattle herder who looks like a beagle with a gym membership! Loyal and good-natured, I’ll work hard on the farm and then be quite content to be inside come suppertime. I’m affectionate with family and quite good with kids, but aloof with strangers. I will bark at people who approach and can become territorial, making me a good watchdog.

My intelligence and self-confidence makes me fairly easy to train, though I can be independent-minded and need firm management. To meet my high energy needs, take me on a brisk walk or agility course for an hour each day. Take note that I’m liable to chase small animals when outdoors—and like any herder may nip at children’s heels when they run. Having a job makes me happy, even if it’s just fetching the morning paper!

I’m a sturdy specimen weighing 45 to 65 pounds and standing 16 to 20 inches tall. I have a double coat that’s thick and shiny, with tricoloring of black, rust, and white that mimics a beagle’s appearance. I am an above-average shedder but my short coat means grooming is easy. A weekly brushing should keep things in control.

I’m a hearty breed, and with good nutrition and regular checkups will be moving livestock and napping in the living room for 11 to 15 years. Areas of health concern include hip dysplasia, hemolytic anemia, and retinal atrophy.