French Bulldog

With my bat ears, bemused expression, and wacky antics, how can anyone resist me? In fact, I’m one of America’s favorite breeds. I’m content lounging on the sofa or engaging in spirited play. Sweet and willing to please, I’m friendly with family, kids, and animals but more reserved with people I don’t know. I crave human contact; being left alone makes me anxious.

My playful, mischievous nature can require extra patience and a firm approach, but new dog owners will find me easy to manage. I’m fairly easy to train and have few bad habits: I don’t bark or wander off, but I can chew and drool. Avoid handing out treats for every funny trick because I put on weight easily. A short daily walk will meet my exercise needs, but I don’t do well in hot weather.

I’m a larger lapdog at 11 to 13 inches tall and 16 to 28 pounds. My short coat is easy to care for—occasional brushing is all that’s required. Do clean my ears and the skin folds on my face to avoid infection. My coat can be any color except black, liver, gray, or black with white or tan, and it may be solid or brindle.

Health issues of primary concern are intervertebral disc degeneration, hemivertebrae, undersized nostrils, and elongated soft palate. Less common problems are hip dysplasia, kneecap luxation, eye problems, and deafness. Your family will be entertained by my clownish ways for about 9 to 12 years.