Gordon Setter

Are you part of a chatty family that’s always on the go? If so, you’re in luck, because that’s my ideal environment! Not only am I a lively, active dog, I’m also very talkative—using different tones to express my feelings and opinions, and that includes barking. I’m cheerful and affectionate with a tail that’s always wagging. More protective of family than most setter breeds, particularly with children, I’m reserved with strangers.

Like all hunting dogs I require a lot of exercise; strenuous activity such as a long walk or jog every day helps me burn off excess energy. Take care: I will follow my nose and may wander off. Firm, consistent training is necessary to tamp down my stubborn, willful tendencies. Apartment living doesn’t suit my need for action.

Beneath my lush coat is a good-sized dog—I’m the largest of the setters at 23 to 27 inches tall and 45 to 80 pounds. My coat can be long or wavy in solid black with rich chestnut or mahogany markings. To prevent matting and tangling, brush and comb me a few times a week and remember to check my ears for infections. A bath every week or two will keep my coat looking shiny, and an occasional clipping will keep hairs tidy.

Regular care, attention, and adventures will keep me healthy and happy for 10 to 12 years. Potential health issues to watch for are hip dysplasia and gastric bloat—with less risk for retinal atrophy and elbow dysplasia. Cerebellar abiotrophy, a brain disorder, can sometimes occur.