Great Pyrenees

Attention all night owls, let’s hang out together! I’m a large dog with a strong character and a nocturnal nature. I’m affectionate and playful yet not overly demonstrative; calm and serious is more my style. I should be introduced to many people and situations when young or I can become fearful or aggressive around strangers.

Although gentle and consistent, I do have a few faults: frequent barking, drooling, and slobbering at the water bowl. I can also be willful and stubborn; my resistance to obedience training can make me uncontrollable. New dog owners might prefer another breed. A moderate daily walk will be enough exercise for me. I love being in the snow but can’t tolerate heat. As a dog bred for pasture work, I will chase small animals and can wander off—I’m an independent spirit!

I’m a very large and imposing dog, not surprising seeing as I’m named for a mountain range. I stand 25 to 32 inches tall and can weigh 85 to 160 pounds. A half hour of brushing each week should keep my silky coat under control, with daily brushing during shedding seasons. My coloring can be solid white or white with badger, tan, gray, or red-brown markings.

With firm training I’ll be a courageous and devoted family guardian for 10 to 12 years. Potential health risks to watch for include hip dysplasia and kneecap luxation, with lesser risks for eye and skin problems, lame joints, and bone cancer. Gastric bloat may also occur.