Irish Red and White Setter

A bicolor cousin to the more famous mahogany Irish Setter, I’m primarily bred to be a faithful and courageous hunting partner. I have a lively spirit and am affectionate with everyone who crosses my path—except for small animals out in the park. My demeanor is generally kind and gentle, though I can get rowdy in play.

Regular hunts will help keep my body active and my mind engaged. Pure housedogs require vigorous daily activity and mental challenges such as a long walk, jog, or agility course. I can become difficult when bored. I’m bright and easy to train with a little patience but can follow my nose and wander off like any hunter—and I am a barker. As I’m meant for the sporting life, I don’t do well in apartments.

I’m a solid and pretty specimen standing 22 to 26 inches tall and weighing from 50 to 70 pounds. My white coat is long and silky with deep red patches and characteristic feathering at the legs, chest, throat, and tail. A thorough brushing once a week keeps shedding under control. An occasional trim and bath will present my gorgeous colors at their finest.

With loving care I’ll be a faithful companion in the field or by the fire for 10 to 14 years. Possible health issues include leucocyte adhesion deficiency (weak immune system), von Willebrand’s disease (blood clotting problems), and cataracts. I do have a potential for weight gain, so go easy on goodies!