Kerry Blue Terrier

Although I’m not a highly popular breed, my fan base appreciates my hardworking nature, loyal companionship, and distinctive coloring. I’m ideal for a family that raises livestock or hunts—and I can be a fun-loving suburban companion too. Like most terriers I’m not overly friendly, particularly toward other dogs. I like to play and am very good with children—I’ll even protect them from strangers.

My terrier stubbornness can require patience when training, but I’m clever and eager to learn. I do tend to bark and dig. With a high energy level I need a good, long walk and some vigorous play every day. Take heed that I like to chase small prey and wander off. I can handle city apartment living but would prefer space to romp and explore.

My lush blue coat is soft and dense, and it has no odor but does need regular attention. Daily brushing, monthly clipping, and a bath every month or so will keep my jaunty beard and elegant lines looking sharp. I’m not a heavy shedder but do tend to drool. My medium-sized body stands 17 to 19 inches tall and weighs in at 33 to 40 pounds. I have a tendency to gain weight.

Whether on the farm or the sofa, I should live 12 to 15 years with responsible care. I am prone to several health issues, including PNA (a hereditary movement disorder) and cerebellar abiotrophy (brain disease). Less common health risks are hip dysplasia, hair follicle tumors, and eye problems.