Miniature Bull Terrier

Like the silly antics of a Bull Terrier but think it might be too much dog for you? I’ve got the same wacky attitude built into a smaller, cuter package. I’m very playful but not overly affectionate or friendly. Small children aren’t the best match for my rowdiness. I’m not a cuddler, though I will bravely protect my family—and like all terriers will bark and chew and dig. If you leave me home alone, the house may look like a tornado passed through!

I’m not a breed for everyone. High energy, mischievous, and stubborn, I need to be told who’s boss or I’ll make my own rules. Vigorous exercise and stimulating games every day are necessary to keep my indoor mischief at bay. I can be a wanderer and will chase small animals. House-training may require extra patience. I can live in an apartment, but do consider my active nature in tight quarters.

Although a mini version of my cousin, I’m not tiny, standing 10 to 14 inches tall and weighing 25 to 33 pounds. I’m big-boned with a strong, prominent jaw. My short, glossy coat is easy to maintain with weekly brushing; more frequent care is needed during shedding seasons. The coat may be white, red, black, fawn, brindle, or tricolor.

With proper care and diet, I’ll be clowning for your family for 11 to 14 years. Deafness for white breeds is a major health concern. Other health issues include kneecap luxation, glaucoma, kidney failure, and heart problems.