Anyone who took high school French will know that my name means “butterfly,” and after you take one look at my distinctive ears, you’ll know why. While I may flitter about seeking play and affection, I’m also a very obedient toy breed and good with kids—but do keep an eye on overly affectionate little ones! Apartment life is fine for me, but I dislike being on my own. I’m very easy to train yet can be stubborn if not told who’s in charge when I’m young. I have a potential to be timid or high-strung.

Though built for lap sitting, I’m far too energetic to lie around. I’m curious and friendly to all—even cats—and will give them some competition in catching mice. Highly alert, I will bark at intruders or simply out of excitement, but I don’t offer any real physical threat. A daily walk will satisfy my need for exercise and exploration; and indoor games keep my mind sharp.

I’m a little thing at just 9 to 10 pounds and only 8 to 11 inches tall, so keep me protected in cold weather. My long, silky coat doesn’t matt or shed much, but please brush me once or twice a week to avoid tangles and matting. The coat is always white with patches of another color, which is known as parti-colored. Fringed ears accentuate the butterfly effect.

Like many dogs my size I have a lengthy life span of 12 to 15 years. The main health concerns to watch for are retinal atrophy, kneecap luxation, hypoglycemia, and collapsed trachea.