Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen

I’m a special blend of doggy traits—a merry hound with a terrier’s feisty grit. I’m cute as a button and tough as nails, bred to hunt rabbits in rough terrain. I’m always busy and need to know what’s going on. And I will bark and dig. I’m friendly to everyone, especially kids, and highly affectionate. I also love to play. Being a social type, I don’t tolerate being alone—and may cause mayhem on my own. And watch out—I’ll bark at anything that catches my eye!

Any rabbit-chasing breed has a lot of energy, and I need a brisk walk and lively play each day to keep me settled indoors. A run in an enclosed yard will be appreciated, though I will also be happy to chase pesky squirrels. I’m bright and easy to train, but I do have a terrier’s stubborn streak. New dog owners shouldn’t find me too much of a challenge.

I’m a manageable size at 25 to 35 pounds and 13 to 15 inches tall—good for apartment life. My coat is somewhat long and feels rough, and it has an overall bed-head appearance. My base color is white with markings in lemon, orange, sable, black, tricolor, or grizzle (mixed colors). I have a dopey, distinguished mustache and beard that may need cleaning to avoid stains. Grooming is otherwise easy—a good weekly brushing will control any shedding.

I’m a sturdy breed and will be a loving family friend for 11 to 14 years. Health issues to look for are hip dysplasia and otitis externa (ear inflammation), with lesser risk for meningitis, kneecap luxation, and epilepsy.