A true American dog bred to hunt wild boar and bear in the Carolinas, I’m a tough, athletic hound who’s loyal to family. I have a strong protective nature but am friendly with strangers after a warming-up period. I’m a pack dog at heart and do well with other household pets. I have a high-pitched, loud voice—not a good match for touchy neighbors.

With a history of facing off with bears, I’m strong and fierce. Therefore, early training and socialization is important so I’m not aggressive with people. I can be touchy with young children and possessive about my food. My energy and intensity are high, so I’m not a good fit for inexperienced dog owners. I’m not a runner, so please give me an hour of exploring walks every day to quell my indoor rowdiness. Because I’m kind, smart, and eager to please, training me is easy.

My coat is distinctive for its brindle-striped pattern in tan, chocolate, yellow, orange, gray, blue, liver, brown, black, or bucking. Some Plotts are solid in color. My coat is very easy to care for; just a weekly brushing with a mitt or curry brush will control the short hairs. I have a muscular build, standing 20 to 27 inches tall and weighing 40 to 75 pounds (females are smaller).

I’m an extremely healthy dog, and the only concern is gastric bloat. Surprisingly—given my active nature—I do tend to put on weight. However, with a close watch on the treats, ample exercise, and loving care, I’ll be a devoted friend for 12 to 14 years.