Need a willing playmate for the snowy Minnesota winters? Originally bred in Siberia to herd reindeer and pull sleds, I’m a hard worker who’s playful and affectionate, and I love the cold. A friend to all, I win people over with a subtle distinctive smile. I bond closely to family and will instinctively try to herd the kids. I’m sensitive and social and don’t like being alone.

Although a gentle breed I can be headstrong—and physically strong. If lonesome or bored, I’ll chew and destroy things, and it can be difficult to restrain me if I give chase—and I will! I also have a lot to say as I bark and howl. Firm, disciplined training early on will help manage pesky behaviors. Mental challenges such as agility courses will meet my intellectual needs. I like to be kept busy.

Beneath all that white fur I’m a sturdy, athletic dog standing 19 to 23 inches tall and weighing 35 to 65 pounds (females are smaller). My coat requires a regular commitment to grooming; please brush me a couple times a week to avoid tangles and provide daily attention during very heavy shedding periods. Bathing every couple months will maintain my bright, fluffy coat and limit odor. Despite my grooming and training requirements, I’m a good match for new dog owners.

Born of ancient, sturdy stock, the main health issues to watch for are hip dysplasia, gastric bloat, and occasional retinal atrophy. Keep the sled runners waxed, and I’ll be bounding through drifts with the family for 10 to 12 years.