Scottish Terrier

If you’re looking for an independent and rugged dog, look no further. I’m a sturdy sort, with a wiry coat covering my small but stocky body that is set on short legs. I won’t exceed 10 inches in height, and will likely average between 18 and 22 pounds—making me the perfect friend to snuggle in your lap on a cold night. My wiry outer coat (6 standard colors) does require regular grooming (both trimming and brushing), and I prefer to wear it trimmed close on top but long near the legs and belly. I have notable pricked ears and often sport a bushy beard.

I’m a loving, but also stubborn, companion who is known to attach myself to one or two very special people, though I’m also know to be a devoted member of the whole family and don’t mind other animals in my domain. I’m fearless, but sometimes hold back when faced with new people or situations.

I’m a bit of a sparkplug, and tend to be feisty and playful, so be prepared to not only take me on a daily walk but to also toss a ball or find me some doggy pals to romp with. I also love to dig, and sometimes just can’t help giving a good bark or two. That said, swimming is not for me, so make sure you keep a close eye on me near pools or other bodies of water. Lastly, you should know that as a fierce dog bred to hunt and fight vermin, I have a very strong chase instinct, so early training and supervised outdoor play is a necessity.

Luckily for you, I’m a relatively hardy sort, living to between 11 and 13 years. I have limited health problems, but two things to look out for are vWD and CMO.