Silky Terrier

Want a toy dog with some extra pep in its step? I may be small and pretty, but I’m all terrier: frisky, mischievous, confident, and ready to play. I also bark, dig, and chew—a true terrier in a soft, silky package. I’m friendly overall but wary around small children, who can hurt me with overzealous play or hugs. I will go after small animals and sometimes try to take on large ones. I’m ideal for a downtown apartment but not long days alone, when I’ll make my own mayhem.

I require more exercise than the usual toy breed. A daily brisk walk that allows me to scout out the scene or some zippy yard games will help settle me indoors. Please keep me covered on winter walks! Training should be fairly easy given my smarts, though I do have a stubborn streak.

My luxurious coat parts down the back and hangs five or six inches—yet it’s fairly low maintenance. Brushing and combing a few times a week and a monthly bath will keep me fresh and free of tangles—a quick task given my 9 to 10 inch, 8 to 11 pound frame. But resist my cute pleas for goodies because I can become overweight.

Key health concerns for me are skeletal: invertebral disc disease, kneecap luxation, elbow dysplasia, and Legg Perthes joint degeneration. I have lesser risk for tracheal collapse, diabetes, and epilepsy. With proper diet and lots of time for adventure, I’ll be a lively family friend for 11 to 14 years.