Standard Schnauzer

With my bushy eyebrows and beard and deep affection for children, I’m like a doting, 4-legged grandpa. I’m not a slow-moving napper, though! I’m lively and playful and have a knack for mischief. I’m devoted to family and can be suspicious of strangers. I carry myself in a dignified manner and love to be in the spotlight.

I can be sneaky and want my own way, so be firm and patient when training so I don’t rule the household—and rotate tasks so I don’t become bored. Like any terrier breed I need a lot of exercise. Plan on a long walk, spirited game, or secure run every day in any weather; I’m very adaptable. I’m also a barker, which can be a problem in apartments or when I’m left on my own. Since I was originally bred as a ratter, keep hamsters and their kin away from me!

I have a lean, athletic build covered in a harsh, wiry coat of pure black or pepper and salt. I weigh 35 to 45 pounds and stand 17 to 19 inches tall. I’m generally kept closely trimmed except for my distinctive facial features, which requires regular professional grooming. My beard and legs should be brushed daily to avoid tangles, and please wash my face after meals to prevent staining. Periodic stripping of dead hairs is also necessary.

I’m a very robust breed with the only health concerns being hip dysplasia and dermatitis. Count on me as a devoted and fun-loving member of the family for 12 to 16 years.