Tibetan Spaniel

Is your household worthy of a special friend like me? Thousands of years ago, Buddhist monks considered me to be sacred and offered me as a gift only to deserving friends. Today you can find me through reputable breeders, but I’m still quite special—with an infectious, happy attitude and bold, independent nature.

I’m playful and affectionate, though reserved with strangers. I like perching on a high spot to survey the landscape, barking at anything unusual. I’m also closely sensitive to my owner’s moods. I’m very bright, so training is easy. My exercise needs aren’t very demanding—a few games in the house or a short walk are suitable, and agility courses can be fun. I do like to wander and chase, so keep me on a leash! The apartment of a new dog owner will be fine for me, though I hate being left on my own.

Bred for companionship, I’m a comfortable 9 to 15 pounds and typically about 10 inches tall. My double coat is silky and smooth, with a plumed tail and long shawl at the neck. You can see any color or mixture of colors in my coat. I shed lightly year round, with heavier shedding twice a year. A weekly brushing will control hair, along with a bath every 6 weeks or so.

My Tibetan ancestors graced me with good health; the only major concerns are kneecap luxation and occasional retinal atrophy. With good care—and not too many treats—I’ll be bounding about the house for 12 to 15 years.