Wire Fox Terrier

With my scruffy beard, I’m probably the friendliest, spunkiest “old man” you’ll ever meet. I start every day raring to go and greet everyone with a cheerful wag, except for other dogs. I’m sturdy enough to wrestle with the kids and am affectionate with family. Like any terrier I like to dig, chew, make mischief, and bark—a lot. These behaviors will worsen if I’m left alone for long periods.

I’m very bright and like to learn tricks; however, housetraining can be difficult. Plan on at least a half hour brisk walk or spirited game every day to keep me fairly settled indoors—though I’ll always be looking for some adventure. Obedience and agility courses can also keep my bright mind from developing more diabolical plans.

I’m sturdy and compact, standing about 15 inches tall and weighing 15 to 19 pounds. My coloring is white with markings in black, tan, black and tan, brindle, red, or liver. My coat is dense, thick, and wiry with slight eyebrows and beard. I shed more—and need more care—than my smooth-coated cousin. Brush me a few times a week, with occasional trims to keep my lines neat. Dead hairs should be stripped periodically. I can be clipped for easier care, but my coat will soften.

My health is generally good; the only potential problems are shoulder luxation, Legg-Perthes, and eye problems. Deafness and kneecap luxation may sometimes occur. I should be a lively member of the family for 10 to 13 years.