Someone looking for a unique dog can’t do much better than me—starting with my name. You can call me “show-low” for short. Also known as a Mexican Hairless, my name comes from the ancient Aztec god of fire—which fits my calm bearing and bursts of athletic energy. I’m affectionate with family but aloof with unfamiliar people and dogs. Generally very quiet, I will bark at disturbances and make a good watchdog.

I’m bright and easy to train, and I must be socialized early to avoid becoming territorial or aggressive. Inexperienced owners should consider another breed. A long walk or active game will suit my energy needs. Note that I can give chase and bolt fences, and I can’t tolerate weather extremes.

Xolos are commonly hairless with just a bit of hair on the head and tail. Some may have a short coat. Although clean as a cat, I should be bathed regularly to remove sweat. My skin may be black, blue-gray, or red, with possible markings, stripes, or spots. Lean and muscular, the three size designations are toy at 9 to 14 inches and 5 to 15 pounds, miniature at 15 to 20 inches tall and 15 to 30 pounds, and standard at 20 to 30 inches and 25 to 40 pounds.

I’m a robust dog and not especially prone to major health problems. Hairless dogs should wear sunscreen to avoid damage and don sweaters in cold weather. An uncommon breed in America, I’ll be a dutiful guardian and general conversation starter for 14 to 20 years.