Yorkshire Terrier

You’ve probably seen my face peeking out of a few tote bags; I’m one of the most popular breeds in America. As more people move from the suburbs to cities, I’m the perfect companion for apartment living. Take note, though, that I am still a terrier who is full of energy and curiosity, with a stubborn streak and a tendency to bark a lot. House-training can also be a challenge.

I’m very playful, affectionate, and generally friendly to all—though I’m wary around children. I’m pretty bold for my size and act like I’m much larger. But please don’t be overprotective, which can make me skittish. I’m a fine choice for new dog owners, but note that I dislike being left alone and can’t tolerate hot or cold weather. Just playing around the house provides ample exercise, though I do enjoy a short walk to get out and explore.

Beneath the long, silky coat, we Yorkies are portable little pals, standing 8 to 9 inches tall and weighing no more than 7 pounds. My lush coat should be brushed daily to avoid tangles and trimmed to maintain neat lines, though I don’t shed much. Weekly baths will keep me clean. My coat coloring is blue and tan to almost gold, though it will lighten with age.

With proper care and a little patience, I’ll be poking my inquisitive nose around the house for 14 to 16 years. Major health issues to look for include portacaval shunt, tracheal collapse, and Legg-Perthes. Kneecap luxation and retinal atrophy may also occur.