American Shorthair

You might say I’m a mellow spirit from the Age of Aquarius. I’m affectionate but not a cuddler and don’t like being carried; I like to be free and easy! I enjoy children and playing games. Although considered a working breed, often I’ll just want to relax—yet no mouse is safe from my hunter’s instincts. Quiet, confident, low maintenance, and classically cute, I’m one of the most popular cat breeds.

I’m considered medium-sized at 8 to 12 pounds with an agile, muscular body. The most common look for our short, thick coat is the silver tabby, with black markings on a silver background, but we can wear any color or pattern. Having me in the family is a lengthy commitment; I live 15 to 20 years but do have some risk for hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, a common heart condition. I do love to eat, so please watch my food intake so I don’t become overweight.