Colorpoint Shorthair

If your kitchen radio is broken, I can keep up the comforting chatter all day. In terms of personality I’m much like a Siamese. We even have similarly fine-boned bodies—but my coat is different. I have the same intense blue eyes but can be any of 16 different colors or patterns that darken over time. Weekly use of a rubber brush will control hairs.

My voice is loud and raspy—and when I talk a response is expected! I’m intelligent and love to help with whatever task you’re doing. Any type of play makes me happy, and I can be quite mischievous, especially if left alone too long.

At 5 to 10 pounds I’m a medium-sized cat with tapered lines, flaring ears, and a whip-like tail. Possible health issues include amyloidosis (liver disease), asthma, lymphoma, heart defects, and neurological disorders. With loving care, I’ll be a beloved member of the family for 12 to 17 years.