Cornish Rex

Anyone who’s a fan of the 1920s will delight in the distinctive marcel waves in my coat. Much like the old flapper girls, I’m always playing and socializing and having a good time. I’m constantly on the move, leaping, climbing, sprinting—and wanting to be right where you are. I love playing fetch with kids and get along fine with other pets. And please note that I have a distinctive voice and can be chatty.

My crushed-velvet coat can be many different colors and patterns and is complemented by an egg-shaped head, bat ears, and a whippy tail. I weigh 6 to 10 pounds and have long toes that can open any cabinet. Brushing can damage my soft hairs, so it’s fine to leave any grooming to me.

I’m generally healthy with only slight risks for heart disease, kneecap luxation, and congenital baldness. With proper care I’ll be nuzzling up to you for 11 to 15 years.