Devon Rex

If you dreamed of having an elfin playmate as a child, I can make that dream come true. I’m as lively and mischievous as a pixie, and my small face is capped by big pointy elf ears. I’m very loyal and loving and will follow you everywhere like a puppy. Since I’m both intelligent and goofy, children will enjoy my silly antics and impressive tricks.

My coat is soft and wavy, and the fine hairs can break if brushed—just give me an occasional bath if my skin feels greasy. The coat can be any color or pattern. Despite my 5- to 10-pound frame, I love to eat and will steal food off your plate if you’re not attentive.

I am prone to a number of health problems, including heart disease, kneecap luxation, baldness, hip dysplasia, ear infections, skin problems, and muscle weakness. With quality care I’ll be acting like a kitten for 9 to 15 years.